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  • Current Version: 2.295.128953
  • Updated: June 15, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 50,000,000 - 100,000,000



Welcome to the world’s largest social platform for play. Every month, over 48 million players imagine, build, and play together within immersive 3D worlds. Everything in Roblox is user-generated. Our growing community of 1.7 million creators produce millions of unique 3D multiplayer experiences using Roblox Studio - our intuitive desktop design tool. It’s the reason we’re called “The Imagination Platform.”


Players can become an overnight retail tycoon, compete as a professional racecar driver, solve a murder mystery, or simply build a dream home and hang out with friends. In this safe and moderated environment, imagination rules supreme.


Hang out with your friends and millions of other virtual explorers across computers, mobile devices, tablets, consoles, and VR in a wide variety of social games.


Take on a new persona and dress up your avatar with thousands of different hats, shirts, faces, gear, and much, much more!


Connect with your friends online with in-game chat features, private messages, and groups!

Roblox is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

Roblox is free to download and install, but players can also use real money to purchase Robux (our virtual currency on Roblox) to spend on in-game upgrades or accessories for their avatar. Players can also purchase an optional “Builders Club” membership, which provides extra privileges and a daily Robux stipend (tap the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen in the app, and then “Builders Club” to learn more).

A network connection is required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.

Login to your existing Roblox account and play on the go!





1,953,985 total
5 1,496,797 
4 143,427 
3 95,216 
2 43,923 
1 174,622 

    Munir Leghari Published date: June 22, 2017

    Best Game Ever!!! Just a few things that everything gets censored. Especially for under thirteen users. (If this was ROBLOX, that 'one' would be ###). Number 2. It crashes a lot when you attempt to start a game. Number 3. NOOBS EVERYWHERE :'(. There's all these noobs everywhere who ruin my ROBLOX Experience. Sometimes I join servers which have no noobs, everyone is playing the way the game is supposed to be played, and those servers are 100x more fun. Full Review

    Mr.Black Published date: June 20, 2017

    There are some very annoying bugs in here at the moment, 1. I keep getting kicked from the server, 2. When trying to type, he keyboard closes. When I try to send a message it just closes or does nothing. Please fix this soon as you can. Also I am using an Samsung Galaxy S3 Full Review

    girlfancyhaleth playz roblox xD Published date: June 22, 2017

    It was really fun, I will suggested this with my friends.. Everyone go download this app its really good, dont even say "OMG JOHN DOE ANS JANE DOE" they where nice, someone hacked them then replaced them.. thats why.. I think?... so yea.. Go download it follow my profile (girlfancyhaleth) I wish I get robux, if robux was for free just earn them everyday :/ ive getting so close up too "1,000" :') So yea.. PEACE BYEE Full Review

    Ashley Vargas Published date: June 21, 2017

    Roblox was once a fun game, a game where you could let your imagination come to life.. a game where everyone was nice enough to play with you..those days are over for that the Roblox Community has gotten worse.. I am leaving this site for good. I don't think I belong here. I belong somewhere else. Goodbye Roblox, you used to be a good game... Full Review

    Girls Love Galaxy Published date: June 20, 2017

    My fave is design it and its so fun! People should play this game cause im on a tablet and i can change my skin tone. Thank u so much for this game!:DDDDD!! Also I found a new game called "ROBLOXian Highschool"Instead of codes(like rhs)u can get free clothes with tix in Robloxian Highschool.It is so cool! I hope there's another new game and it sometimes gets leggy but its no prob at all! I can just turn my Wi-fi off and then back on. Full Review

    TheRandomPerson BlahBlahBlah Published date: June 21, 2017

    I think Roblox is great for gamers who plays online games. It's like everyday thing. I rated this 4 because I love the graphics and game control. One thing I don't think is that on Xbox 1 when they buy a skin pack they get 1000 robux. Please add features in the future. Full Review

    Sans 44lol Published date: June 22, 2017

    This is one of the best games I have ever played! I really love it! There are games within this one game and it can make you creative, thinking of new ideas as you build your world(if you want to).You just cant stop playing other games people make because they can create a whole different level of gameplay! I really recommend this game! It has strategy, sandbox like things,creativity,fun,excitement, roleplaying games, even MMO RPG games that are entirely made by different people. Even though you can lag, it is still a very fun game! It has almost everything! The graphics, gameplay, controls can be set to what you want and that is what i like instead of having one control and one gameplay with one graphic. Plus, the better PC/Phone/Ipad you have, the better it will be able to take in the lag and have a smooth play! I also like the feature that it is family-friendly. You can also meet international friends and chat with them if you like! I would like more games like this! Keep it up developers! :D Full Review

    Published date: June 20, 2017

    I'm quite disappointed because I can't play pretty much any game! I played before and was only able to play one game. So I deleted it. And today I made a new account thinking that it would be better. But no it got worse for me! I seriously can't play any game. It takes too much time loading. Please fix whatever is going wrong. Thank you. Full Review

    Lejla Mehmedøvic6603 Published date: June 20, 2017

    I love the game! But when I buy something on the catalog thats free it won't let me buy it for some reason. And also its really slow. Can you maybe fix that? Full Review

    Carmen Garcia Published date: June 21, 2017

    I think Roblox has great designs and ways of doing certain progams. The games people make are really funny and sometimes scary. Robux is the currency in Roblox , I don't have any but I think I look cool anyway. And that's all Full Review

    Galactic Bunny Published date: June 20, 2017

    The loading is not as annoying anymore and the games are cool too....But if your going to put this on mobile, then please, make sure the game fits the phone screen. I can't play some of the games because the screen is cut off. Its really annoying. This app isn't bad, dont get me wrong, but if your wanting to make your game into a app, then at least make the app fit in the phone. Full Review

    Kristina Tan Published date: June 21, 2017

    I love the game!! But. Too laggy cant play properly and the robux is so expensive and tons of bullies who judge people on how they look.. at least make some clothes for the "no robux" people! Thank you for reading. Loved the game but needs improvements. Thanks. Full Review

    Published date: June 20, 2017

    I love it! Those at home reading this review and can't buy in game money, can just get a cool look through games! Like I got my awesome wings from hero's of robloxia by beating level 1-3!friend and follow people u know, and random players! Always remember to play with friend's and followers! BTW if u liked this post, friend and follow Courtney72WH00, Also, the o's r zeros! Full Review

    Published date: June 20, 2017

    This app is the best app ever made!it is very addicting! And I love how there r lots of games inside that game!and it is a great time killer! And it keeps me from being bored! But the only thing that needs to be fixed is, it needs to be easier to get R$. Full Review

    Jaden Murray Published date: June 21, 2017

    Hey another problem. I can't join my friends anymore, every time u update it something gets messed up. Now I can not join my friends in their games. Says could not connect Full Review

    jb badiang Published date: June 19, 2017

    Hi roblox um i want to say pls. Remove the hashtags becuse its very annoying in the game becuse when im typing in the chat it shows hashtags when i type numbers it shows hashtags. Last time i type mobile it shows hashtags i download roblox on my laptop from a long time thats y i want to comment you guys. I cant handle the hashtags its very anoying so pls update the game remove the hashtags. Roblox if you read this do it right now -jb207548 You can see my two profile on roblox my mobile is jb207546 and my pc is jb207548 Full Review

    Vanessa Gurung Published date: June 20, 2017

    Fun,creative and a really good game! Edits and improvements: 1) make the reporting system work 2) less lag on the phone (it might just be me tho) 3) allow users to be able to get atleast 10 robux a day Overall amazing game tho Full Review

    Jeff M. Steen Published date: June 21, 2017

    Its an awesome game I have ever download in my phone! It is similar to Minecraft. It is addictive and cool! I keep playing this game from now on. XD Full Review

    Neonjabba Published date: June 19, 2017

    Let people who set their date in the 2000s be able to change it! I accidentally set mine to one year in the 2000s but you can't change it, please change this feature and I will give you five stars on all the features. Full Review

    BendyLover 123 Published date: June 21, 2017

    I love this game. But what I hate is, that guests can't talk,can't make what they want,and that there is robux. So when I'm older, I'm going to make a cool version of ROBLOX. No robux,guests can talk and make their own character. And you can still make an account. Full Review

    Daniella Mae De Guzman Published date: June 21, 2017

    I love it but Aren't you going to warn the people who bully us and If we report it didn't work! They keep saying us Noons! Is there a chance to get a Robux? NO! Full Review

    Esther Corrigeux Published date: June 19, 2017

    This game is AMAZING I LOVE IT i recommend it to minecraft fans because this is like minexraft but with round things anyway by far i love roblox i've played it since 2014....... what are you still doing reading my text.... STOP GO AWAY ...OMG BY STALKER BYE... BYE GOSH... JUST PLAY ALREADY Full Review

    Judith Christopher Published date: June 22, 2017

    Mad now u still can keep five stars but please turn the avatar back to normal or I'm giving 1 star just please my name is wisejule and you'll see my skin oh yea just in case your wondering it's the avatar it looks amazing I loved it the closet and everything until now Full Review

    Burstingfox Published date: June 17, 2017

    PC version is great, but the mobile really hinders the gameplay. It lacks quality, it removes all access to group admin and logs (which is dumb because you used to be able to access them) , and half the games aren't mobile friendly. Full Review

    M Zuraiz Nawaz Published date: June 17, 2017

    This game is the best ! I love it especially miners haven and pokemon brick bronze. But it has 1 downside ... WHY DID YOU REMOVE TIX!? ADD IT BACK OR ELSE EVERYONE BECOMES A NOOB! Also my username is sonicdashsuperspeed. Full Review

    MeganPlayz Fan Published date: June 16, 2017

    I know this sounds like I prefer MC over Roblox, but I like them the same. I'm just wondering if the mobile/tablet controls can be altered to be like the MCPE controls? It probably won't happen judging by the others used to the Roblox controls and just saying to make it easier for me. Just a suggestion ^^ Full Review

    Published date: June 18, 2017

    Could have NEVER done better. Controls are great, it's really easy to move your character, and not only is it one game, it could easily have millions of other games to choose from. This is a game where if you are bored, you can play it until your phone dies. Excellent. Absolutely no complaints, except for graphics are not the best. Full Review

    Sean Furphy Published date: June 22, 2017

    This is a really popular game, but just a suggestion, REMOVE THE GUESTS!!! The guests just come in an do whatever the heck they want, and nobody can do a thing about them, people log out, play as a guest and grief people whenever they get the chance, so please remove them Full Review

    Angel Clifton Published date: June 21, 2017

    I am experiencing a problem!. Every time I go to play on my tablet no game will load, but on my phone everything is fine. I need some help other than my problem the game is great please help and you'll get a 5 ⭐star rating Full Review

    egavas _supwas Published date: June 19, 2017

    This game is really good but when i went on this one game called the night before dawn old version it will load like always then u would get in the game but when im in the game it will run for like 30 seconds then my screen would turn black and go to the page where it says welcome to roblox it keeps doing that can u pls fix it so i can play the game but overall i love the game ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Full Review

    Alex Langford Published date: June 20, 2017

    Great game. There is just one bug. On the phone edition (I don't think the tablet version has the same problem), if the game you are playing has a store bar on the left, and you die, the stick hides UNDER the bar and you can't move. If you want to see for yourself try YouTube Factory Tycoon. Full Review

    Kiara Domokos Published date: June 21, 2017

    Amazing, but, needs more effort and security put into it. My extremely young cousin wanted to play this game and 10 minutes in was attacked by a pervert. Please, change how the chat works. Will rate better if chat is changed. Full Review

    Enzoferrari 2306 Published date: June 18, 2017

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME Everything in this game is great the graphics the gameplay and everything else,but it still has some downfalls. I think you should take away robux and make everything free or make alot of cool and good items like shirts ,t shirts, pants ,and accessories for free . Another thing you guys should fix is hashtags when you chat to someone because if you try to talk to someone and it has hashtags they don't know what you're saying to them.Also I bought bloxburg and it doesn't let me on anymore. It just goes on then it goes out . One other thing is now it's taking my things I bought with robux back and it's not giving me robux back .It just takes more and more stuff back every day it's starting to make me really mad !! Fix that glitch or give me free robux. Everything besides that is great. One of my favorite games , I LOVE IT !!!😍😘😘😍 GOOD JOB!! Full Review

    Coffee Lover Published date: June 21, 2017

    Its super cool! But id love if we had some other clothes besides the ones we get for free on the catalog. You can design new clothes for beggginers Full Review

    Jiraiya Maurice Published date: June 20, 2017

    Please no Robux. EVERYTHING here cause money. This is not necessary. This very unsafe. Atleast builder club and x100 more ROBUX is Money. Maybe getting ROBUX a day or for points for a game, besides that your game is really good. I know you can do better than this. Because I can not use the computer for building levels can you make a new way of getting robux. If you guys do I will give you 5 stars. Full Review

    Published date: June 20, 2017

    Awesome game to play I like how players can make their own game! But there's been a hacking problem lately and I was hacked when I had no wifi but I still got my account (outlawpug)and my friend was hacked and lost her account if u could somehow fix that pls do! Also there r people with account names (pls read my decsirption)and there saying that u can get free robox so I just want notofiy u of that. Thanks for reading(sry so long) Full Review

    Future durpyx Published date: June 19, 2017

    Roblox can i have my 200$ back?! I had three accounts and all have been HACKED and I'm not getting my money back. Now your gonna shut d9wn roblox and what? Keep all your money?! Now I feel like roblox is trash >:( Full Review

    ThatOne Kitten Published date: June 22, 2017

    I think this is the best game ever! It is super amazing and the games are amazing! My favorite game in this app is [Arcade] Pokémon Brick Bronze - Beta Me and my friends enjoy it a lot! Full Review

    Published date: June 17, 2017

    This game is super fun! It's a good time killer so if you're bored you should play this (requires Wi-Fi). I like how you can pick different genres and it isn't just one boring thing. I mostly play on the servers "Work At a Pizza Place" by Dued1 and "Prison Life v2.0.2" by Aesthetical. If you love Minecraft and Lego you should get this. Guests can't chat, but you can create an account for free without an email (optional). Follow me: ThatOneLonelyCupcake I ❤ THIS GAME!!! Full Review

    Damian Espinoza Published date: June 21, 2017

    I like this game but it is so laggy i cant even play it you should fix it for most tablets like samsung not the phones just the tablet! THANK YOU 😐 Full Review